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What is Tenkiv?
Tenkiv is about changing the way we think. About embracing objectivity and data to make intelligent, informed decisions. We've done the research, crunched the numbers, and designed the answer to problems like the world's water crisis, global energy deficit, and climate change. We did this not because it was profitable, or because it was easy, but because it's the right thing to do.

When faced with the destruction of our planet on a cataclysmic scale, the only thing we can do, as humans, is change. Adapt. Evolve. We must embrace a future in which we accept logic over fear, information over ignorance, and compassion over greed. That is what we at Tenkiv hope to achieve. These are the principles that define us.

We are Tenkiv.
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Meet the Team
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Zack Juhasz
Systems Engineer
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Arya Rashid
Marketing & Outreach
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Pachia Cha
Firmware Developer
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Joe Nguyen
PR & Operations
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Shan Kern
Front-end Developer
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Ellis Berry
Back-end Developer
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Vivian Levine
Strategy & Operations
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Bill Juhasz
Engineer & Consultant
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Nyx the Kitty
Office Therapist
Sacramento Office
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